DWM1000 Availability

Supply of these seems to have dried up and Decawave themselves are not responding to my attempts to contact them. Is this related to the pandemic or the Qorvo takeover?

It’s probably in part due to people trying to make social distancing measurement devices for the pandemic. Just a quick look on this forum shows lots of people trying to produce something for that application.
Emphasis on the word trying. The few who claim to have a working product are very vague as to how well it actually works.

A fair comment. Extremely frustrating though.

I am looking at the DWM1001 for an internal use project related to social distancing.
I has also looked around at what others are doing and there are a LOT of players (over 30) out there and most are in some stage of production. Many are companies had a product they were already selling and are repositioning a variant of that product into the COVID Social Distancing market. This has allowed them to have a viable product very quickly and this is a HUGE market. I suspect most of these companies are not RF experts and hence are using the DW Modules (DWM1000/1001) rather than the core chip (DW1000). Note that where modules are hard to come by now, the chips (DW1000) are readily available.