DWM1000 and DWM1001 compatibility

We have an existing product that has the DWM1000 module installed in it.
We have been testing the DWM1001 evaluation kit for ranging to tags in none GPS areas.
We would like to know if the DWM1001’s are still used as the Anchors and nodes in the structure can the firmware that is used for running the DWM1001 modules as tags be used in the DWM1000 modules or do we need to upgrade the tag units to have the DWM1001’s as well?

Hi Shayne,

What MCU are you using with your DWM1000 ?

The DWM1001 contains a nrf52832, and the software is targeting this hardware.

Thank you

We are using the STM32F103VET6

The DWM1001 are optimised for channel 5. Which channel are you using?
The DWM1001 are using nRF MCU, so you will need to port your own FW to DWM1001. Once you have matching FW and are operating on Ch 5, the two HW boards will be compatible.