Dwm_usr_data_write format


I´m here with another problem after I solved the other problem I had. We are trying de dwm-range-iot code to send the distance between the tag and the anchor via mqtt. The problem is that we don´t know the data format when we receive the data. We know that is base64 but we don´t know how to send it as ascii or plain text. Is it possible or do we have to decode it?



per chance I just did something similar.
The IoT-data published by the MQTT Server under the topic “dwm/node_addr/data/” should be an ASCII JSON String. In the payload filed the IoT data as far I remember is also ASCII.

Please correct me if I remember incorrectly.

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Hi Chris,

We solved it thanks to javascript. When we receive the data is in base64 so we use atob function in order to decode the data received.


@Hector, yes, thats it.
I litteraly 5min ago did the same but in python.

Hi Chris,

Thanks you for you previous answer it helped.