Dwm-simple + ss_twr_init/resp

I would like to know if it is possible to combine the ss_twr_init/resp example with dwm-simple example. In order to create kind of a hybrid. Or if there is anyone that tried it.

Scope of this:

  • get all the nice features of the C API (dwm-simple example)
  • get the extra feature of sending custom messages over UWB (ss_twr_init example and related code)

Final target:

  • creating an Auto Positioning network (similar to the Android app function) but with computations made on the “initiator” (Master) node

I have seen at the following link a similar question:

Hi Vali,

To clarify, the dwm-simple example runs only on DWM1001 initially flashed with the PANS library (RTLS library provided by decawave). Tis library is already extensively interfacing with the DW1000 within the module, and it is not possible to add additional calls to the transceiver (because it could potentially break the scheme implemented in the library).

Please note that when using PANS, it is possible to send some IOT data from nodes to a bridge node, and from the bridge node to all other nodes. Maybe have a look at the gateway deployment guide.

Thank you,

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