Dwm-simple.c in Ubuntu Decawave VM Not Working

Hi there,

I launched the Decawave-DWM1001_Virtualbox_Image in Oracle VM Virtualbox as it is stated in https://www.decawave.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/dwm1001_firmware_user_guide.pdf.

Nevertheless, when i tried to compile the dwm-simple.c program, there are some errors in default Eclipse IDE which comes in the Ubuntu system :

-Program -E not found in PATH (C/C++ Scanner Discovery Problem)
-Type ‘uint32_t’ could not be resolved
-Type uint8_t could not be resolved

I tried every possible solution but could not manage to work with the sample code.
It would be great if anyone in here can help me.
There is an image of the error page of Eclipse below :

I haven’t met the same problem, but maybe try the suggestions from: