DWM-1001-DEV Implemantation in industrial environment

I’m working in a training center specialized in the nuclear field and we develop radioactive simulation devices based on geolocation using DWM1001 DEV boards and a PI 3 gateway using PANS V2.0.!

The test in an office room was conclusive with 4 anchors and 2 tags.

We carried out tests in an industrial environment 5.6m x 4.6m in which there are 2.5m high metal frames supporting stainless steel pipes in the center of the room and steel floor gratings (1m width) on both sides of frame.
Photo 08-06-2020 14 07 23|666x500

The 4 anchors are installed, 15cm from the walls, out of the corners, at a height between 1.5 and 2.5m.

We are experiencing some blank areas issue where the tags are not being detected, even in LOS zone.

We are looking for solutions to improve tag detection and RTLS location.

Among the following possibilities, can you tell me if you have tested those changes and wich could help us:

• Add an FSS frequency selective surface reflector on the back of the antenna to improve the gain.

• Modify the receiver threshold level

• Increase TX POWER transmission power via dwm_uwb_cfg_set parameter of api via the spi connection

Any other suggestion that could help.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards

Hello, we are working on some common issues about reflection. Did you check the doc: https://www.decawave.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/APS006_Part-2-NLOS-Operation-and-Optimizations_v1.5.pdf

Hi @socotec
with 5.6m x 4.6m area you should not have any blind spots. Could you send us some pictures of anchors installations.

You can also connect to the TN node via USB and observe the position calculation via les command. All the time you should see 4x distance (minimum is 3 for position estimation) measurement and estimated position. If you see 4x distances and not position (nan,nan,nan) then the anchors positions are not accurate and the position cannot be calculated. If you dont see 4x or 3x distances then try to estimate which anchors are not responding and try to move them.

However in such small area you should be fine and see all 4 anchors. The metal frame should not be big issue (but it could be…).