Dw3000 tag and anchor

Hi everyone,

At least can anyone tell me which scratch code from examples will help for tag and anchor for dw3000…?? :pensive: :pleading_face: :sob: :sob:

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Hi @kalmesh
you can check ex_05a_ds_twr_init <> ex_05b_ds_twr_resp for double sided two way ranging.
And ex_06a_ss_twr_init <> ex_06b_ss_twr_resp for single sided two way ranging.

hi wassim
I didn’t understand the example, thanks for the explanation

But in the zip file there is only example code for single side, where can I get double side code?

Hi @hyejung ,

Please use this link to download the release XR6.0C package.

You’ll find all the examples here: