DW3000 how to set dwt_readaccdata() offset for indirect SPI read


I’m new to Qorvo products and have just started with the DWM3000 + nRF52840DK. I’m trying to get CIR for both antenna ports. So according to the user manual, I need to use dwt_readaccdata() with STS mode and PDOA mode 3. In this case, since the offset is 1024 and 1536 for the two CIR sequences, I need to use an indirect SPI read. That is to say, set PTR_ADDR_A and PTR_ADDR_B to 0x15, set PTR_OFFSET_A to 1024, PTR_OFFSET_B to 1536, and INDIRECT_PRT_A, INDIRECT_PRT_B to normal (how to use it by the way?).
If that is correct, after all the settings, I need to call dwt_readaccdata(). But what is the sampleOffset now?

Thanks in advance!

Hi !

I am stuck with the same issue. Have you had any luck ?


@Wassim_Qorvo Could you please help