DW3000_api Linking Error, (elf file does not exist)


I’m working with the DWM3000 Arduino shields and can’t build the dw3000_api when I have any one of the examples defined.

It builds just fine when I don’t enable any of the examples. Once I enable an example from the “example_selection.h” file, I get errors with several undefined references. Under “Checking ‘dw3000_api’” there is a note saying dw3000_api.elf does not exist. I assume the undefined errors come from not being able to build the elf file since they appear under the “Linking dw3000_api.elf” process.

I triple checked all the file paths and they are all defined as they should be. I can also assume they are correct since the api project builds just fine without any examples enabled.

I am using the suggested 16.0 Nordic SDK files. I tried the most recent SDK version with no success. I have also tried using SEGGER Embedded Studio version 6.30, 6.22a, and 5.42a. I redownloaded the software zip files from the website and reconfigured the macros.

Am I missing a config file somewhere? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you.

I’m replying to my own question in case anyone else ends up with a similar problem.

I fixed it by redownloading the API software files from the Qorvo website and getting the correct SDK files. I think somehow the SEGGER Embedded Studio version and SDK versions got mixed up and became incompatible.

Following to the Read Me file for the Nordic board, I am using SES V5.10d and Nordic SDK version 16.0. I haven’t tried if it will work with newer versions of SES.