DW1000 Two way ranging messages


Why 64bit address is used only in Ranging Init Message and Blink message. Poll, Response and Final
Messages uses 16bit address. What is the purpose of 64bit address?

Shijo Thomas


The pool of 64bit addresses guarantees that they would be unique.
From energy usage and air utilization perspectives better to use shorter messages, hense 16bit addresses are “better” during managed mode operation of your project. That why in some projects, initially devices are using 64-bit address until someone has assigned them a 16-bit one.


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Shijo Thomas

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which 16bit address here you are talking about? and how one will generate it? can you please explain in lil details ? you are talking about to use 16bit address using just “PAN_ID” (16bit) or just “SHORT_ADDR” (16bit), and is that guaranteed that this 16bit address you are talking about will be unique in particular network?

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Jagrutkumar Vaghela

If you want to be absolutely unique, you have to allocate the pool of 64-bit addresses for your product from IEEE.

In 802.15.4 you have a number of addressing options, including Src & dst panid and short/extended addresses in different variants.
It is up to you and your application which mode are you using when you are forming packets.
You can use even non-standard packets, noone stops you, however in this case you would not be able to use the HW 802.15.4 MAC address filtering block in the DW chips.

Answering your question about “guarantee” of unique 16bit addresses: in a small system it is up to you to manage this and “guarantee”. But for a large system, where you cannot manage active sessions (i.e. assign addresses), it is just impossible due to limitation of 16383 (-FFFF) of the address field.
You can extend this by implementing Panid fields. And again, that Is up to your application how to manage this.
Please read Ieee 802.15.4.