Dw1000 specific packetRate with sleep/deepsleep


I managed to only send data between two decawave chip using dw1000. I am using decawve example “ex_01a_simple_tx” and “ex_02a_simple_rx” which work great. Now I’m trying to send data with a specific packet rate. I’m using delay with the stm32f to achieve this. I’ve look at the decawave API and it doesn’t seems like there’s a clear way to do this. I am bit confused. Using stm32f delay I managed to have the packet rate wanted. The problem is when I try to use DeepSleep with a specific data rate the RX doesnt seems to receive anything. The Rx is as well put in to sleep and wake up at the same period as the TX. I dont think they are in synchronize. I was wondering how could I synchronize both of them to achieve a wanted packet rate. What is the simplest way to acheive this.


ps: I’m not sure I understand correctly the init state. Is it only when the spi of the system works under 3Mhz ?

Hi, please have a look at the two way ranging example 5a/5b or 6a/6b. They implement something similar to what you are trying to achieve and it will be a good exercise to go through them.

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