DW1000 I2C on the datasheet?

I see mention of I2C on the data sheet for the DW1001, but not for the DW1000 or EVK1000. I also don’t see it mentioned in the corresponding manuals, and if I am interpreting the pin layouts correctly (venturing outside my comfort zone), I don’t believe see I2C pins. Is SPI the only way to use the DW1000?


The DWM1001 Module has an I2C interface that come from the Nordic MCU not the DW1000.
If you look at the DWM1001 DS, the Nordic pins that are available to use are clearly indicated.
And yes, the DW1000 is a SPI slave.

Ok. Thanks.

In the APi documentation there isn’t any way to call anything in particular without setting that up yourself as far as I can tell. So unless you set up the API and have a dev board to do the uart to set an output for position over I2c there wont be a way to call it(please correct me if Im wrong).

Hi Kenneth
one question. I have posted a topic but no answer. Is DWM 1001 working also in i2c SLAVE mode?

Hello Giorgio

As Kenneth mentioned before, the I2C interface is that of the NRF52832 IC in the DWM1001 module.

Yes, NRF52 can act as a I2C slave, see the Nordic TWI slave example for more information. A user application in PANS or complete custom firmware can be written to use I2C as a slave.