[DW1000] Carrier integrator


Is it possible to have some references about the function dwt_readcarrierintegrator() available in the API? It seems to use the register DRX_CONF_ID (0x27) with the offset DRX_CARRIER_INT_OFFSET (0x28) but the user manual (last availiable version) contains no information about this register. If someone get any explanation concerning this register this will be helpfull for me.


Hi Jc
Could I ask you what revision of the IC usermanual you have?
In the version 2.10 this was indeed not described , but in version 2.11 and 2.12 it was.
But let me know if there is something missing

Oh yes indeed! My bad… this was added afterwards. I was seeking whithin the wrong PDF in my Dropbox, I’ll remove the oldest to avoid confusion…

Thanks a lot!

Hi all,

The documentation seems only to explain the way to use the register, nevertheless I managed to find some references about frequential offset tracking within IEEE 802.15.4 STD. So far I wasn’t able to find which algorithm is specifically implemented in the DW1000 in order to provide carrier integrator value. Does anyone knows where to find a paper explaining how does it works?