DW1000 alternate DC-DC converter LXDC2HL18A-052

HI Decawave Team,

I m using Dw1000 chip.In my design, i m using LXDC@HL18A-052 for Dc- dc converter.unfortunately,i m not getting the converter from online. please let me know the alternate part number of LXDC2HL18A-052. It may helpful for me. Thanks in advance


Torex XCL222B181ER-G would be a good alternative

Please check our DW1000 datasheet for recommended components. Alternatives for components can be found in section 8.2 (page 36).



i m very sorry.The Torex XCL222B181ER-G also not available in the online market.As now i want to change my dc dc converter immediately for my production…thanks


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