driver firmware

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I have some questions about the DW1000.

We confirmed that DW1000 driver 02.15.01version is provided in firmware 1.05 version provided by DECAWAVE, and version 04.00.04 of DW1000 driver is provided in firmware3.11version.
I am curious about the driver in detail. I want to know more about what changes are made as the version changes, what differences make up the changes, and whether the bugs have changed.

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You’re firmware version 1.05 is TREK1000 Software. Version 3.11 is EVK1000 Software.
Are you asking the question you have problems with 3.11 Software?

The latest TREK1000 SW is version 2.25 , driver version 04.00.x (which requires PC RTLS GUI version 3.6 or 3.8)
The latest EVK1000 SW is version 3.11, driver version 04.00.x (which requires PC Decaranging version 3.05).
The latest Example code is API version 2.4. driver version 04.00.x

The main change for the version is for example the introduction of CubeMX which brings one upto date with the latest ST drivers. Another reason for the update is to make example code compatible with TREK/EVK code. (all have now same driver version)

In general , the information on what is fixed, improved or has changed in each of the releases can be found in the readme file which is part of the sourcecode zip file.