Does the .save directive works in Qspice?

Is there a way to write on disk only specific outputs of the simulation?

No. QSPICE simply writes all the data. It’s a strategic simplification since QSPICE often doesn’t write the data, but a procedure on how to plot it. For example, There’s rarely a trace called I(R1), but an alias “.alias I(R1) (0.001mho*V(n01,n02))” embedded in the data file. Saving all the data eliminates having to write basically a page fault routine to decide what needs to be saved besides what was asked for.

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I would find it useful to save custom data, that is results of operations that actually I don’t need as signals in the schematic. This way one could conveniently look at interesting results without overcrowding the schematic with behavioral sources that do the calculations.

I know, a .plot command would do the same, but then the data would not be present in the data file and would not be available for export and use in other environments.

Is the “.alias” command available also from the schematic editor?

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You can add a .func to your schematic and then plot that func(). Point being, a .func doesn’t need an argument, so it can be hard-wired to exactly the thing you want to plot. Checkout the example MiddleBrook.qsch for an example.

The .alias command isn’t available to user because there’s no stack when they’re evaluated, i.e., a .alias cannot call another .alias since there’s no need in its intended use.