Does IPhone11 measures the range of DW1000 and viceversa?

I am new here. New for UWB technology. I would like to use DWM1000 modules in the proximity application.
Can I use iPhone11 as a Tag?. If I make a DW1000 as Anchor, Can I make iPhone 11 as a tag to measure the range?. Thank you.

No. Apple don’t publish their protocols, only apple products can use apple UWB.

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Hi Andy,

Thank you. Another question, uwb in iPhone11 is used in Airdrop only?. or uwb in iPhone11 shows the range of other U1 equipped iPhones?

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It should be able to range to another iPhone.

But then on paper it should be able to range to a DW1000. It is purely up to Apple and what functionality they wish to provide.

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