Does DWM100x compatible with both iPhone & Android UWB

I’m really a noob, so I apologize if my questions are funny
It seems that new phones in the market start supporting UWB
I would like to know whether they (both iPhone and Android) follow the same frequency and protocol
And more important is whether the DVM100x can detect both Android and iPhone UWB
And also I’m wondering what are they broadcasting: some sort of unique Id (is it like MAC address), Name, RSSI …

Thanks in advance

This is a big topic in the UWB industry and a fair question to ask.

The DW3000 being IEEE802.15.4z compatible makes it really ‘likely’ to be compatible with your aforementioned devices. At the PHY level these new phones are 4z based so your best choice is to go with a DW3000 product, then write lots of FiRa compatible code!

The DW1000 is IEEE 4a based so less likely to work.