Does DWM1001C Module work with UWB enabled phone, like the Pixel 6 Pro?

Have a project that involves having multiple dwm1001 anchor modules around an office setting and using it to track the position of a UWB-enabled phone, instead of a tag. Would the DWM10001c modules be able to do this, especially with the new Android 13 SDK apparently having full API support for UWB.

In theory this is possible, but you need very special knowledge and need a to build a new Android image which would run a proprietary UWB implementation with your dwm1001 modules.
You cannot make dwm1001 to run or support the default Pixel SW, because it uses newer standard.
But Pixel is backward compatible on HW with some modes of dwm1001.

Have you solve the problem and have the Android image still lying arround?

Another Question of mine would be is it possible to update the firmware of the DWM1001 modules to support the standard of the Pixel?

Hi @s2010
just to be clear. The DW3xxx radios are designed to work with newer phones that contains UWB chips - with proprietary/FIRA specification. Most of this newer protocols are supporting only CH9 frequency. However if the Android device contains UWB chipset from Qorvo then it supports also CH5 where the DW1000 radio can operate. If you get an phone with Qorvo UWB chipset then you can write your own piece of code that could work with DW1000 radios (DWM1001).

There are more differences but in general with a big effort it could work. But from my point of view it does not make a sense and it is easier to use DW3xxx chips that natively supports CH9 & FIRA.