Distance between Tag and Anchor

[size=small]Is it possible to obtain the distance between Tag and Anchor (not X, Y, Z coordinate values)?[/size]
[size=small]Is it possible to acquire distance data via Listener?[/size]

Hi donjiang,

You can get the distance between the tag and the anchor on the UART ouput from the tag.

The listener does not provide it.

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[size=small]Hi Yves,[/size]

[size=small]Thanks for the reply.[/size]

[size=small]Since Tag is supposed to move, I think that it is not practical to obtain the output of UART. [/size]
[size=small]Will there be plans to add distance acquisition function via Gateway or Listener in the future?[/size]

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Hi donjiang,

There is a gateaway feature coming with the release two. Keep an eye onthe forum for an update about the release date.

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Please pardon my interruption but I don’t understand what is the difference between range and distance in this context. The MDEK manual says the listener provides ranges.

What am I missing in the present discussion?


Hi felix,

[size=small]I am sorry that the explanation is difficult to understand.[/size]
[size=small]The one is coordinate data (X, Y, Z) and the other is distance data (between Tag and Anchor).[/size]
[size=small][size=small]Via the Listener [/size]i can get [size=small]coordinat[/size][size=small]e data (X, Y, Z) but can not get the [size=small]distance data [size=small]between Tag and Anchor.[/size][/size][/size][/size]
[size=small][size=small][size=small][size=small][size=small]I want to know the solution.[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]

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I am looking for the same.

I understand the output is X,Y,Z but internally, DWM1001 must store range to each of the anchors and then use these ranges to calculate position.

Can we “tap” into the code at some point and spit out the range to each Anchor instead of the final location data?

In my application the Anchors will be placed on doorways for access and they are in line along a building so I will not have a rectangular region for the anchors.
Would another option be to play with the coordinates set on each anchor so by looking at calculated located, I can estimate how far I am from any of the Anchors?

I need to be able to determine when the Tag is within a certain distance of any of the anchors to be able to control the door.

Thanks in advance for any help.