Discussion of the transformer model

In LTspice I made some bricks to build transformers. These are two different single windings (with and without leakage inductance), five kinds of non-linear magnetic cores. Using this set it is easy to build a transformer with many windings. A single winding and a single core is a choke.
The first thing I didn’t like was the lack of winding resistances. Even Multisim allows you to add resistance to the windings.
There is a way of introducing a simulated increase in core loss, which is to shunt the winding with a resistor. In the example shown, this is the R8 resistor shunting the primary winding. Adding it accelerated the count.
But for me it does not matter if you make an upgrade of the transformer models, I will make subcircuits similar to the ones I use in LTspice. I am still grateful for your program.