Different range values


So i have a problem where I get range values between the a tag and an anchor for example:
RANGE = [16,15,16,15,16,15,16,15]
I do not change the distance between the anchor and tags the only thing that I do is reboot the anchor and the values change:
RANGE= [18,19,18,19,18,19,18,19]

The fact that it constantly changes is a problem because it means every time i have to recalibrate the values. Does anyone have any idea as to why this happens?

Also should I ground every single Vss pin or if one Vss pin is it fine since they all interconnected?

What are the units?

Is that in meters, in millimeters or in blue parrots?

Sorry, it’s in meters.

Something is completely wrong in your SW/Hw. You may see changes of few cantimeters, I.e. 0.01m but not 100 times higher.
Use Decawave’s standard HW and example code to evaluate the performance. Regards.