Different coordinates with same set of anchors

We are using the anchors to calculate the position and there were multiple issues we have been observing.

Right now, we have observed a very weird behavior in which, tag connects to same set of anchors but giving different coordinates.

For reference:
1690.556: 0x…0E2B location data: position: x=53217 y=1866 z=-898 q=73; distances: 12B9 distance=Distance{length=2922, quality=100}, 578F distance=Distance{length=19949, quality=100}, DA1D distance=Distance{length=17454, quality=100}, 0F24 distance=Distance{length=20254, quality=100}
1690.756: 0x…0E2B location data: position: x=53223 y=2885 z=-1344 q=73; distances: 12B9 distance=Distance{length=2969, quality=100}, 578F distance=Distance{length=20029, quality=100}, DA1D distance=Distance{length=16966, quality=100}, 0F24 distance=Distance{length=20249, quality=100}

Please help if anyone knows anything about it? This is major issue.

Hi himanshu,

Is the tag static ?


Yes! It was static when the log was captured.

And if you see, there is one anchor which one gives difference of 1 meter distance.

I have same problem with you. I hope someone could help us.

It doesn’t seem so. We are having this issue due to which flickering of Tag location is observed.