Difference: EVK1000 Evaluation Kit vs DWM1001-Dev

Can someone explain to me the differences between these two devices: “EVK1000 Evaluation Kit vs DWM1001-Dev”
Both had the DWM1000 chip build on it.

I’m interessed in the ability to program my own positioning system and think the DWM1001-Dev Board is better for this purpose.

Any help will be appreciated.

EVK1000 Evaluation Kit:DW1000 chip + stm32
DWM1001-Dev:DWM1001module(DW1000 chip + nRF52832) + some peripheral

if you want to program your own positioning system, EVK1000 is better.because DWM1001 is a packaged module ,and it’s not easy to program.

Thank you ::); But, the provided API of the DWM1001 is easy accesable with the Dev-Board so it should be easy to use it with a Pi or other qC.