Difference between EVK1000 and TREK1000

  1. What is the difference between DWM1000 and DWM1001 module? I know that the
    DWM1001 module combines the DW1000, a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 MCU, and a 3-axis accelerometer. Other than that are there any difference in terms of functionality, accuracy or performance?

2)What is the difference between EVK1000 and TREK1000 evaluation kit? If both are based on the DWM1000 module, which one is more appropriate if we are interested in knowing location of a object?

  1. Difference between MDEK1001 and DWM1001 development board.

Hi Yashasvi,

1, other than your understanding, there are still some little difference. DWM1000 with ceramic antenna, while DWM1001 use printed antenna; DWM1001 is FCC-CE certificated; no other difference.
2, Both EVK1000 and Trek1000 are not based on DWM1000, one EVK1000 can be used for 1-D location, and one Trek1000 can be used for 2-D location(acturally, one Trek1000 = 2 * Evk1000, the bom of the cell board in both kit are all the same), i do suggest to purchase a trek1000

3 MDek1001 = DWM1001 + a carrier baord.