Demonstrating and discussing UWB localization techniques in Austrial

Dear All:

Our company (ATE-NJ, China) is a professional team focusing on indoor localization techniques. We gained the 2nd place in the 3D competition of Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition 2018. Our software supervisor (Prof. Song) is visiting Australia during before Feb 23. We would like to demonstrate and discuss UWB localization techniques with any company or person who is interested in it. Please email us ( ; to agree time and place on UWB localization techniques.

Further more, our team is familiar with dw1000, we would also like to discuss the usage of dw1000!

Su Zhang

Research Manager

Nanjing ATE Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd


Your system is also using an IMU and Kalman filter correct?
And were you the team that had the barometer integrated to aid your height measurements?

For those interested the results are here:

And the description of their system is here:

We do integrate IMU and barometer in our tags. And our anchors are also equipped with barometers.

The barometers always struck me as a very clever solution to the problems with getting good height data. It’s the sort of solution that I wish I’d thought of :slight_smile:
Unfortunately we can’t use it for our application.