Demonstrate ranging on DWM1001-DEV with less than 4 tags

I have three DWM1001-DEV units and I want to test them out.
The MDEK1001 Quick Setup noted that RTLS can we setup with “up to 4 anchors”.
I tried setting it up with 2 anchors and 1 tag; but, I can’t seem to get it to locate the tag.
I manually setup the locations of the 2 anchors.

hello markshancock,

I’m not shure if I understand your problem.
To set up a minimalistic UWB-Network, you need one Initiator-Anchor and one Tag. The Tag is ranging to that anchor and you can read out the distance between them on the Tag (eg. over UART).
With your three DWM1001dev, you configure one as an initiator, one as Anchor and one as a Tag and read out Distances from the Tag (probably that’s what you did).

To get a location, Math says for one unambiguous solution you’d need distances to 4 reference positions not lying in a plane.
To three known positions (defining a plane) you’d get 2 solutions (symmetric: above and underneath the plane). Knowing your system, one can often be ruled out. But the LE in the firmware does not know your system.
With distances to just 2 positions there are infinite solutions forming a ring around the straight line through these 2 positions. The LE gives you NaN.

So in the end: To get the Tag-location, there have to be more anchors.
To test the DWM1001dev out, judge the Distances.

greetings hørst

I knew I could not get 3D location; but, distance to each anchor would have been sufficient to demo/confirm the concept/device. I was never able to get RTLS to work for that. Eventually I programmed one device as an Initiator and one as a Responder and the monitored the serial port for log messages.

hello markshancock,
Im not shure what you mean by “Responder”,
The description to set up UART and a RTLS in the gateway quick deployment guide Ch 3.2 “Using the UART shell mode” is quite straight forward.
More on UART commands is in DWM1001 Firmware API Guide esp. CH 6.18 “les” and ch 6.19 “lec”

hope it helps h

Initiator and Responder are Decawave terms.
Regarding the UART, what I was looking for is a unconnected, non-technical demonstration like the RTLS Android app. I would still be interested in this; however, I have just moved on into writing my own app.