Delayed Transmit not Working

Hi all,

I am having trouble performing a delayed transmit after my responder device receives and processes a ranging packet from an initiator.

I have tried playing around with the delayed send time value (using POLL_RX_TO_RESP_TX_DLY_UUS) with no luck. Also, all of my SPI transactions seem to be working correctly so I don’t think the issue relates to register access. And lastly, the RX and RX_RAW timestamps I’m seeing look to be as expected with a suitable difference between them.

I’m seeing HPDWARN and TXPUTE events suggesting that there’s a timing issue but at this stage, I’m running out of things to try. This worked perfectly when I programmed it on the development board but not on my hardware that also uses the same Nordic nRF52832 processor.

I suppose my main question is, aside from an insufficient send delay what other factors could be influencing this error? I have also been looking into the possibility of a hardware fault, but I’m not sure how anything in the hardware could be affecting this.

Many thanks in advance!

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