Deep sleep mode tag

I put the tag on low power mood but it doesn’t go to sleep mode it always .13 mA ( idle) not 24 micro A (Deep sleep) ?

any one know about deep sleep in R2 ?
I tried to reach it and i used acts commend to set low_power flag 1
also i used nmtl command but still tags do not go to sleep mode.21


if you keep the shell open, the module will not be able to go to sleep. It is a required behavior. You do not want to loose communication with the module if one of the API is still active.

Either do not enter shell or use ‘quit’ command when you finished using the shell so the module can fully sleep. See the documentation.


Hi @leapslabs
thanks for replay, i did this before I closed the shell also a used quit command, but the tag do not go to sleep mode, and the battery life for 350 mA took just around 30 H !

Hi, any news with that? have you succeed making it deep sleep?