DecaWave Support

Hello ,

Is there Any Decawave FAE Support for DW1000?

Or Any Paid Support for DW1000 from Decawave?

if it is there Please Let me know , How i can Get that Support From Decawave ?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Hardik,
What’s wrong with the forum?

I saw Andy answered you about your issue. But in addition could you consult the APS022 becuase in there the “why” of your problem is described,
APS022_Debugging_DW1000_based_products_systems_v1.3.pdf (721.0 KB)


Hello DecaLeo,

Nothing is Wrong with Forum but sometime it’s taking Long Time to Response.

That Time if i can Reduce with Any other Source so it will be great for me.

Is there any Paid Service or Any FAE support for DW1000?

Thanks For Your Response !!!