Decawave in Japan


We would like to use the Decawave DMW1000 module and chip in Japan. However, we noticed this document about the UWB regulations worldwide, and on page 61 it says about Japan: “Under existing regulations, DW1000 / DWM1000 cannot be certified for use in Japan. Contact Decawave for further information.”

Could you please provide us with more information regarding this issue?

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Japan regulations have reserved the band 7.25Ghz - 10.25Ghz for indoor sensor network. My understanding is Decawave does not handle this range.


Is there any new update regarding a decawave chip for the japanese market?

Look out for the new DW3000 device which will be in mass production later this year.
It will support CH9 - 8GHz - which is allowed by TELEC/Japan.

Hello RedNodeLabs,

Could you provide Japan contact details for a follow-up by Decawave’s local support team.

Thank you.
Decawave sales.

Are there any details available on the new part?
How different is it to the DW1000 in terms of firmware and hardware?
Any benefits to switching besides the channel 9 support?

Hi Andy,

Well there are a list of items but to summarize:

  • Lower power consumption and BOM versus DW1000
  • CH5, CH9 supported, single chip PDoA
  • New CSP and QFN packages
  • 4z BPRF compliant, secure time stamping
  • faster SPI speed

The register set has changed from the DW1000.


Hello Mr Dwyer,
Are there any details available on the new part? Date of availability for R&D samples, or production ?


The part will be in Mass production in late June early July.

Great ! Is it possible to pre-order R&D samples ?

Hi Ken,
Great !
We are looking forward to the DW3000.
And where can i get some references for the DW3000?