Decawave DMW 1001 How many tags possilbe with three or four anchors?

I would like to know if it is possible to deploy three (or if necessary four) tags in a room and to get the x-,y- and z-position of multiple (about 10) tags that move around in that room. Is this setup possible with DMW 1001 or do I need to use another Decawave product like MDEK1001? Do I have to minimize the frequency if I have multiple tags?
Thanks in advance!

MDEK1001 is the complete package with 12 DWM1001-dev, preprogrammed with software for MDEK.

You can purchase just dwm1001 and program them with provided for MDEK binaries. You will receive the same functionality.

Your case is exactly MDEK software is for.

Hey @alliv!
I have already bought some DWM1001 sensors. Could you please provide an url where I can find the MDEK binaries? Are the binaries the same as the SDK? I am currently using the SDK for Android under . Or did you mean to use another firmware on the chip itself?
Thanks a lot for the reply!

Yes, these are the binaries being referred to.
In the package, see the Hex file here - DWM1001\Factory_Firmware_Image\DWM1001_R1_default.hex

Thanks a lot! How can I update the firmware on those DWM1001 chips? Is it correct that I can’t use the default firmware of DWM1001? Yesterday I tried three tag sensors with three anchors with standard DWM1001 chips which worked well. My question is if I have to use a non default firmware when using more chips (about 10)?