Decawave Andriod App not able to find tags

Hi Team,

I got Lenovo Tab 3 android table with 1.0 (15) version of the DRTLS. When I start device discovery I can not see any tags.

I have got tags connected with mains, App has got full access to Bluetooth. I have reset the tags few times, No luck.

When I go to device Bluetooth I do see tag there .but not through app.

Please suggest.


What version of Android are you running?

I see the same bevavior too.
I trying it first with the NEXUS 6 and Android Version 7.1
I see that the Blue LED is ON(on the Anchor and Tag).
But no devices are visible in the app.

My solution: use other phone.

Best Regards

Have may be same problem.
Confugure 2 node: anchor and tag, anchor i and tag, 2 anchors by UART connection on PC

But in android apk after searching nodes have 2 errors from different nodes:
[ble-mac] problem while decoding Node statistics characteristic (0eb2bc59-baf14c1c-8535-8a0204c69de5) exepting at least 136 bytes, received 109 instead.
Can somebody help? Whats wrong?