DecaRanging PC Application Now Working

I have been using two Decawave radios with the PC application (eventually will interface with my own stm32 microcontrollers). They are EVK1000 boards and have been working perfectly, but all of a sudden they will not connect to one another. All the switches correspond to one another and I am using the exact configuration that worked in the past. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I do not want to pursue further driver development until I know that the boards are working (otherwise I will probably just waste my time).


Hi Spencer,
Could you expand on " they will not connect to one another"? How do you know they don’t communicate?
Are the EVB still blinking? Is one, or are bot boards connected to a PC (with Decaranging) or are they running autonomously.
Are they powered by battery? Could one of the batteries be nearly flat? Have you tried different power source?

What are your S1 1-8 set to?


Hey, thanks for the reply.

I actually ended up getting them to work (it was a sticky dipswitch). I am working on having the EVK1000 boards communicate via SPI with an STM32f4 microcontroller and have been working on porting over Decawave’s Decaranging PC firmware for the onboard microcontroller but am having issues. I can read the device ID so I know my SPI communication is working but I am not sure how to configure the tag/anchor pair to measure distance. To be clear, I have two EVK1000 boards with separate STM32f4 controllers, each running the Decaranging PC application firmware with one configured as anchor and the other tag, but the code never gets to the point of initiating distance measurements (I can see this by debugging).

Do you have any suggestions for porting code over to another stm microcontroller (without any switches etc and just using SPI for configuration and communication)?