Decaranging GUI Hangs if in Listener Mode and Message is recieved

I try to evaluate the DW3000 ICs and we have bought multiple DWM3001CDKE Boards to test them. When connected via USB2SPI Converter to the Decaranging GUI the GUI hangs as soon as a TAG message is recieved in Listener mode.

Any tipps?

I have ported the Slotted_TWR_Demo_ARM from nrf52840 to nrf52833 because that’s what is on the DWM3001C module. I have not changed code, only memory and pin definitions. Except for the ACC Sensor Value Array, since that was extremely large and otherwise the NRF52833 would not have enough RAM.

Using the Slotted_TWR_Demo_ARM firmware standalone in command line mode works.

Is there some other software for the DWM3001CDKE Boards than what is provided in DW3xxx_XR6.0C_24Feb2022?

Thank you very much.

Hey @Octagon3824 I’m also trying to make decaranging work with DWM3001CDK.

Could you please tell me how you ported the project from nrf52840 to nrf52833 ?

From my side, I successfully modified the apple qorvo project to make it work with TWR. I mainly followed this thread : [DWM3001CDK]What should I do to start ranging between the two boards? - #32 by kmatch98

Still trying to figure out how to efficiently obtain RTLS through multiples anchors / tags

  • I changed the preprocessor definitions in the project config
  • The ram and flash sizes and offsets in the memory xml file
  • And made the ACC Sensor Buffer smaller, since otherwise the application was using more RAM than the nrf52833 has
  • Changed the pin definitions to match the DW3001C Module

I think RTLS with TDoA is also not supported with this example software. Seems like that is something we have do ourself…

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