Decarange dashboard problem

Hi, a newbie here. Just getting started with Trek1000. the V2.10 Decarange RTLS application is giving me a problem. it seems to be very “zoomed in”, the anchors show as huge dots, and i cannot use the grid to zoom out to find the tag.

any ideas what i am missing ?

Windows 10.


Hi Russel,

Could you confirm what Software is loaded in the TREK. When you start up the boards it should tell you. It could be either version 1.05 or version 2.10.

Then could you also tell me what GUI version you’re using? Eg 1.05, 3.6 or 3.8

You should have the combination TREK boards are version 2.10 and PC GUI version 3.6
If you’re using version 1.5 then PC GUI should also be version 1.05.

But tell me… is it possible to zoom in and out using a mouse with a wheel?

And could you close DecarangeRTLS PC, delete all the TREKview_config.xml files and start DecarangeRTLS again?

It’s just that I just set up a TREK here (2.10 & 3.6) and I can zoom to what you have and then make my anchors much smaller

Let me know how you get on.