Dear Forum IT Maintainer Guys

You’re killing me here. I have a fancy new C-Block component ready to share and this should be easy. It’s not easy because the site configuration is screwed up. You can fix this with a few configuration changes.

Let’s look at the possible upload file types:


To share a component, I need to upload:

(1) The *.cpp file. You have *.ccp enabled (WTF is that?) instead of *.cpp. Yes, I can (and have) rename the file with a .txt extension but why should I have to do that? Please correct the configuration. How long could that possibly take?

(2) The *.h file. Looks like that’s enabled. Let’s hope that works once the other hurdles are corrected. (Note: Consider adding *.hpp as equivalent to *.h since some folk use that for C++ specific header files. Or, at least, it was a thing way back when.)

(3) The *.qsch file. The *.qsch format is basically a text file but contains some extra non-ASCII characters. Ask Mike about this. Anyway, the result is that simply renaming the *.qsch to *.qsch.txt doesn’t work because those extra characters aren’t properly in the *.txt subset and, therefore, can’t be uploaded. Please, please add a configuration that allows a simple upload of a *.qsch file.

The solutions are super-simple, mere configuration changes. So please get on this and make sharing our code, schematics, etc., as simple as possible.



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Hi Robert,

This is a topic of active discussion internally. I am escalating it again this morning. I agree it should be easy to support these file uploads.

Thanks, Jeff.


any update for the forum to support qspice schematic, symbol and waveform config file upload? (.qsch; .qsym; .pfg)

We are still working on this- it is not forgotten! Thank you for your patience. I want to see these files available online soon.


Me being patient… :sweat_smile:

zip all your file then replace the format from .zip to .txt

I recently can upload my folder (.dll, .cpp, .qsch) this way…

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