Custom Firmware TREK1000

Hello I am a grad student writing a thesis on UWB localization for a specific application. The current firmware for TREK1000 does not allow me to accomplish my task, therefore I need to modify it specifically to add more anchors with anchor-to-anchor ranges. I am not professional in computer science. My question is, can anyone detail how to go about modifying the firmware successfully. Thank you for any advice.

Hi Bryan,
TREK is just a simple demo of a TWR RTLS. The default system cannot be configured to have more than 4 anchors, however the source code is available so can be modified to handle other scenarios


Hi I am also working on TREK1000 and I want to increase the number of anchors to more than 4, I want to ask you if your trial was successful or not.
Thanks for your help.

Hello, I ended up convincing my professor to upgrade to the MDEK1001, which has much more functionality including many more anchors, however even that kit is not capable of doing everything I wanted. So I designed a ROS middleware which uses the Bluetooth to gather anchor to anchor ranges as a quick work-around instead of trying to mess with the firmware directly: GitHub - bstarbuck3/mdek_driver: MDEK 1001 - ROS nodes - serial, bluetooth, accelerometer . Hope this answer helps.

Hi bstarbuck, thanks for your reply.
I am designing new hardware tring to connect dwm1000 with esp32, i don’t know if MEDK solution will help me.
Thanks again.