Creating dropped anchor position network (2 anchors known, rest stationary but unknow

Hi all,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a dropped anchor network similar to this Emergency responder network . It uses a few stationary anchors to determine the relative location of other anchors which then allows it to track individual tags.

I basically want a system where I can place a few anchors in known locations and use them as a base to compute the location of anchors in unknown locations. All of these anchors would then be used to compute the location of a single tag. The idea is have a location system where I can place anchors at known points on a steel tank and the rest of them wherever is convenient and not have to measure distances between them manually, saving me some work, and making the system more portable. The tag will be on a rover equiped with magnetic wheels allowing it to climb on the tank in 3 dimensions.

I figure to do this will require a large network of anchors to keep the tag within line of sight. From what I gather industrial areas are prone to reflections so it is best to keep the tag within line of sight of the anchors. And since we will need to do only a part of a plant the distances covered will be smaller, about 25 meters maximum.

Is this possible to do with Decawave equipement, preferably taking the easy way out by using the DWM1001-DEV with no firmware modifications?