Coverage Question - Split Network

I could setup the following scenario but it would take quite some time, so I thought I would throw this out.

Using the DWM1001 module, if
[]I provide three anchors all within range of each other and all belonging to the same network, alpha.
]I provide a second set of three anchors again belonging to alpha but well out of range of the first set of three.
[]The two segments are far apart from each other, 200 m, for example.
]I provide a tag that can move freely between the two segments.
The segments may be referenced (x,y,z) to each other but not know the other exists.

Of course, the tag won’t know where it is outside of the segments.

the two networks will be separate… i.e. each will have to have an initiator, the initiator will control its own network, the tag will need to join one network and discover anchors and will range to them, once it is out of one and in range of the other, it will join the second network, discover anchors and range to them.