Controlling the ANCHOR as per the command is failing

We have the EVK1000 kit. The DEMO works fine.

We are using this EVK1000 kit and trying to control it with UART using some commands.

Our basic idea is to start the calculation of distance between ANCHOR and TAG only when we send some Init command to ANCHOR and TAG will be waiting state.

so we have added some condition inside while(1) main loop in dw_main function to check for that flag otherwise continue.

// main loop
//Just spin here till uwb_start_dist_calc becomes 1
if(uwb_start_dist_calc == 0)

Below part calculates the handshaking mechanism to calculate the distance. But ANCHOR is not responding to TAG when we set that flag as well. It’s stuck at “Awaiting POLL”.

But the same code, if we set the uwb_start_dist_calc flag to 1 as soon as we power up the ANCHOR, it is computing well enough.

So, we want to know why ANCHOR is behaving like this? Is there any timeout for ANCHOR if it stuck to not proceed further?

It’s an urgent query. Please respond.


You’re trying to connect the EVB with UART. Could I ask how you accecc teh UART pin on teh EVB?

Anchor is awaiting poll. This could well be a timing issue causing the TX to start to late.
Are you using delayed tx?

I suggest you use the example codes 5a/5b or 6a/6b if you have not done already. This code gives you basic two way ranging and it’s easier to modify than teh EVB 30.5/3.11 sorce code.
Also our API has examples of TX . Find attached.
DW1000_Software_API_Guide_rev2p4.pdf (2.0 MB)