Conformal Coating for Humidity Protection Marine Application

Hello to all the UWB Developers,

We plan to implement a RTLS system for a Maritime application in order to track People on a Big Vessel, so the environment is harsh related to humidity for that reason we have selected robust IP 67 Enclosures for the anchors, but that is not enough because the installed anchors are also susceptible to water condensation due to the low temperatures of the over sea environment, so for that reason we are planning to apply a conformal coating to the Anchors PCBs just the same way as the video:

and we plan to use the next Acrylic conformal coating spray application product

So my questions are the next:

  1. The Conformal Coating can have a significant degradation in the RF Performance of the DWM1001 CH 5 Operation or any other UWB Channel?
  2. Has anybody tested a conformal coating in Decawave Based Products?

In advance Thank you for your help.