Configuring more than 16 Anchors at a Big Facility


We are mounting about 70 anchors in a Big Facility that will be about 50-75 feet apart from each other. What layout considerations do we need to keep in mind? I was reading about the seat #s that get assigned to the anchors when they come on but only 16 seats are available. What happens when Anchor #17th is introduced. What about 18th and so on? Do we have any control over what anchor get’s assigned what seat number? What about tags themselves. Are they also limited to 16 seat numbers and introducing a 17th tag in the same area will not work?

I would appreciate your help as the whole seat number thing is confusing. Any suggested layout design would be helpful aswell.



first of all the Release 2 supports cluster size of 30 anchors. See New Software Release - Available Now

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