Configuring MDEK1001

I bought MDEK1001, I am trying to configure tag and anchor via UART as given in DWM1001 Firmware API guide. There are few things in which confused.

For example as given for tag configuration in cfg_tag

fw_update_en, enc_en: tag configuration information.

stnry _en: Stationary detection enabled, if enabled, the stationary update rate is used instead of normal update rate if node is not moving.

meas_mode: measurement mode. 0 - TWR; 1, 2, 3 - reserved. low_power_en: low-power mode enable.

loc_engine_en: internal Location Engine enable. 0 means do not use internal Location Engine, 1 means internal Location Engine.

enc_en : encryption enable

led_en : general purpose LEDs

enable ble_en: Bluetooth enable.

uwb_mode: UWB operation mode: 0 - offline, 1 – passive, 2 – active.

fw_upd_en: firmware update enable

I want to understand what are the given UWB mode as given in uwb_mode parameter

Also in meas_mode, is it that always 0 has to be set (i.e TWR) what are other options.

It would be of great help if you can clear these doubts.

Thanks & regards

Hi Asmita,

I think the DWM1001 Firmware API Guide can help you: