Configure anchor in dwm-simple

I was wondering how I can configure anchors using dwm-simple. I have the following code for configuring anchors and tags, but only the tag configuration works:

void configure_module(int tag_anchor,bool init)
dwm_cfg_common_t * ptr_common;

      //populate common config options (common to tags and anchors)
      ptr_common->ble_en = true;
      ptr_common->enc_en = false; 
      ptr_common->fw_update_en = true;
      ptr_common->led_en = true;
      ptr_common->uwb_mode = DWM_UWB_MODE_ACTIVE; 
      //populate tag specific config options
        dwm_cfg_tag_t * ptr_tag_cfg;
        ptr_tag_cfg->common = *ptr_common;
        ptr_tag_cfg->loc_engine_en = true;
        ptr_tag_cfg->low_power_en = true;
        ptr_tag_cfg->meas_mode = DWM_MEAS_MODE_TWR; //TWR
        ptr_tag_cfg->stnry_en = false;                  //stationary detection disabled
      //populate anchor specific config options
      else{  //Doesn't work for anchor yet
        dwm_cfg_anchor_t * ptr_anchor_cfg;
        ptr_anchor_cfg->common = *ptr_common;
        ptr_anchor_cfg->bridge = false;
        ptr_anchor_cfg->initiator = init;


When I use this function to configure anchors, LEDs D9, D10, and D11 blink continuously for as long as it is powered.