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[color=#333333]As far as I known the MDEK1001 modules uses 850 kbps and works on channle 5. How can I configure the preamble code and data rate to 110kbps on module MDEK1001?[/color]
[color=#333333]Is it possible?[/color]

Hi sara,

PANS SW on DWM1001 runs 6.81 data rate and channel 5, PRF 64,

There are no APIs to reconfigure the settings. If you need to do this you’ll have to build own FW for the modules.

Hi Zoran, Thank you for your reply. I need to get 5-10 cm 200 m LOS. And I have a set of MDEK1001 modules. So, Do you have any idea how can I achieve it. I have tested it in 3*3 meter room with 3 anchors and one tag. It gives less than 10 cm acuuracy in border areas of Anchors.

Hi Sara,

if you want to use the DWM1001 FW/modules then you will need to place modules e.g. every 30m and this way cover larger area/range

if you want to go > 60m (max DWM1001 range with the PANS FW configuration), then you need to build own FW, and change the configuration. The 110k data rate will have longest range. In general to maximise range there is Application Note (APS017) from Decawave’s website.


Hi Zoran,
Thank you. Could you please explain me how do you calculate the 30m? If I want to cover 200 m. How can I calculate how many Anchors I want and how far they should be apart from each other ,like the 30m that you said?

Hi Sara,

The 30 meters is a value we have observed with the hardware/software MDEK configuration. It will depends on environment could be a bit better and a bit less too.

To cover a 200 meters line, you need an anchors every 30 meters so around 7 anchors.

The best thing is to actually to a real field test. If it doesn’t work, then reduce the range between anchors, and if it works well, then you can increase it until you reach the best case range.

Thank you,

Hi Yves;

Thank you so much again for your answer. I have one more question. I know that MDEK1001 is based on TWR ranging scheme but TDAO consume less power. This is what I read in the datasheet. Do you know what are the exact values for consuming power and how we can calculate it? I would like to know if iy worth to build TDOA cause it consumes less power but i do not know how to calculate or acheieve the relatives power of these two modules?