config nodes


we want to build a uwb network based on dwm1001 module!

To build a uwb network we should config nodes, set few as anchors and others as tags, assign an identifier to nodes or use their id to recognize them in out software, is there a ready to use product of decawave for this purpose?

You refer to configuring the modules. To do this, the modules would need to be mounted and powered on some board, then configuration can be done via the Android App over BLE, via SPI/UART interface connected to some host MCU or PC. The DWM1001-DEV board does just that and more. Each module is already shipped with a predefined identifier, this can be read out via the App or over SPI/UART.
Do you already have a MDEK kit - If yes, just set it up and most of these concelts will become clearer. The extensive documentation also explains it very well, but if you see areas of confusion let us know so we can fix and improve. Thanks!

Hi Kenneth,

I am using a MDEK1001 kit.

I have one anchor configured in passive mode and connecte to a PC. Then, I have 10 anchors and one Tag.

I used the Android app to configure the modules, one by one, when they were in BLE range. And then, I distributed the anchors in a large space. So, after distribution, some of the modules are not in BLE range.

My question is if there is any way to reconfigure the modules which are not connected to a PC, nor in BLE range, using the passive module connected to the PC.

Any help is welcome!



Hi Epenciso,

the full configuration over the UWB network will be available in Release 2 … the current DWM1001 FW only supports configuration over BLE, or via Shell, or UART/SPI APIs.


Hi Zoran, thanks for the info.

Then, waiting for Release 2!