Concurrent reading issue dwm1000 7 tag and 4 reader

i need to know how many tag does dwm1000 support for concurrent reading, i am using 4 anchors and 7 tags, but i cant able to get the data from all the tag everytime, the anchor miss the some of my tags data, but it worked well upto 3 tags, if it goes beyond three tags, data missing is increased rapidly, how can i solve this and how to acheive the multiple tag reading.

my requirement is 20 tags data in one or two seconds.

is that possible to acheive this.

Hi hmdra,

Are you using DWM1001 and its default firmware ?


Hi Yves_Bernard,
Thank you for you response.
i started with DWM1001 but it has some limit in adding the tags, so i used dwm1000 and stm32, so that i need some help to crack this out as soon as possible. how do i achieve the more than 10 tags. i still hanging in that for a long while.


Hi Hmdra,

with DWM1001 you should be able to support 10 tags without problem. I think you should try that option first. People on the forum can help you if you come up with specific issues.

Getting DWM1000 and STM32 working with 10 tags is very challenging and I would not recommend it if you do not have a lot of time.


Hi leapslabs,
I bought MDEK1001 devkit which has 12 devices itself and also i used their factory firmware and then i configured 4 anchors and 2 tags, then i install their android app to watch the navigation process, it is working as i expected, but i got the same issues when i added the third tag, tracking app start showing the last location instead of updated one. can you please guide me by some logic to increasing the density of the tag.


Hi Hmdra,

it might hit the amount of concurrent Bluetooth connection on your device. It could be related with Android/Smartphone limitation, I am not sure.

You can use either the Listener to see up to 15 nodes via one listener or use Gateway approach which allow to display all nodes on your network. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

The issue you see does not related with DWM1001/PANS limitation but rather with some issue with the DRTLS Android Manager on your device.