Compatibility nrf 52832 and nrf 52840


I plan to make a custom board of DW1000 ic with NRF52840.Is there our MEDK1001 supports nrf52840 or any chance to porting our source code(MDEk1001).Please help me out…if anyone done with on nrf52840…please share your experience…

Hi vivek,

we are developing firmware for both nRF52832 and nRF52840, and we are also interested in a board/module which integrates the nRF52840.

If you are interested in a collaboration, please do not hesitate to write us a PM.



I’m also working on trying to get a port for the DW1000 module on to the nRF52, I would also be interested in any advice you have.



done porting with NRF52

One addition, there is no plan to port PANS to 52840.


I’m stuck with getting my SPI to work properly, it hangs on readfromspi and the event handler never triggers.

Hi guys,

We made an open source port of Zephyr on the DWM1001.
Can be found here:

We also ported Decawave’s examples that were originally written for STM32F10X to the DWM1001:

Instructions can be found on the from this repo.

These 2 repo’s should get you started on DWM1001/nRF52 & Zephyr RTOS.
Note that there is still some work to do but many examples already work. More instructions will also be added to make it easier to get started.


Great job Fred, we will definitely have a look into it :slight_smile: