Closing hierarchical schematic closes ALL schematics and crashes QSPICE

If I choose to enter a schematic by right-clicking on a hierarchical block, and then I decide to close that schematic, this causes the root AND opened hierarchical schematic to close. This also closes QSPICE completely. This does not seem to happen all the time, but it happens enough to be annoying (particularly if changes in the root schematic have not been saved, as there is no warning-QSPICE just crashes).

FWIW, I’ve seen that, too.


I’ve never seen QSPICE crash. You know when the OS say’s its collecting system information.

The design of the software is that if you close a top-level schematic, all lower level schematics close, as well as the waveform viewer, close too.

I’ve never seen a situation where it works different that than. If you can repeat a different behavior, please send me everything I need to duplicate it.


Mike, I’ve not see that kind of crash.

I have seen closing a child schematic unexpectedly close the parent and changes lost. But it hasn’t been a frequent problem nor a big issue (simply re-open and find lost changes) so I’ve not tried to reproduce it.


I experience exactly the same issue as Robert. As I save my work regularly, it hasn’t been a major issue. The word “crash” was an inaccurate description on my part. Thanks.